Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 11!

We give boys in grades 1-5 opportunities to develop character through fun activities. We go camping, conduct service projects (like removing invasive species from the Shaker Lakes Nature Center), we’ve gone Christmas Caroling and Snowshoeing, and much more. Cub Scouts is family-oriented. Parents are expected to join in on the fun.

Benefits of Cub Scouts

My son (cubmaster speaking) has tried many challenging things through scouts. These include archery, speaking in front of a large audience and camping. As the boys get older, they take on more responsibility. When they “graduate” into Boy Scouts (grades 6 and up), they organize and run the activities, campouts and cooking. Boy Scouts also have tremendous facilities worldwide. Particularly famous campsites are ones at Yellowstone and Philmont in New Mexico (home of the only T-Rex footprint) and the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. Closer to home, there is a scout campsite inside the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I’m impressed by the long list of high achievers who have been scouts. 11 of the 12 men who walked on the moon were scouts!

Basic Information

  • Cub Scouts is for boys in grades 1-5

  • Meetings are typically on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of each month at Church of the Savior, 2537 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights

  • We go on outings at least once a month, usually on a weekend.

  • We camp in the fall, spring and summer.

  • Registration is $83.50 for new scouts and then $75 / year thereafter

For more information see our Pack Guide

2016 Cub Scout Essentials - Pack 11 Guide

I’m Interested! How do I start?

Contact us first so we can say “Hello!”

Then we’ll ask you to, fill out a registration form, pay the registration fee and purchase a uniform for your son. Then you’re ready to start attending meetings and Cub Scout outings.

Keep in mind that Cub Scouting is a Parent and Child activity. These are the years of your son’s life when you will have the most influence on their character and values. Our trips and outings are designed for the family and not just for the boys themselves. We are a volunteer run organization and your input and energy are what will make the difference between a good and a great Cub Scouting adventure.

Scouting has many resources to help you and your son. Have a look at this article about Brain Health and explore some of the articles at the scouting website.