Military Family Assistance

We are collecting non-perishable goods to help military families. The items will either be (1) sent to active military personnel stationed overseas, or (2) donated to the Region 1 Troop and Family Assistance Center for military/veteran families in need. We will be collecting these donations at our December Den & Pack meetings and then delivering them to the center on Wednesday Dec. 28th.

Below is a list of items we are collecting:

  1. cards & letters of thanks from home
  2. pasta
  3. tomato sauce
  4. canned vegetables
  5. canned fruit
  6. cereal
  7. granola bars
  8. beef jerky
  9. smokies
  10. pop tarts
  11. pretzels & chips in cups or tins (no bags)
  12. protein/granola bars
  13. toilet paper
  14. shampoo/conditioner
  15. razors/shaving cream
  16. deodorant
  17. chapstick
  18. soap
  19. toothbrushes/toothpaste
  20. laundry detergent
  21. dish soap
  22. magazines
  23. local newspapers (sports pages)
  24. playing cards
  25. dark-colored socks (black, brown, green – but not white)
  26. sole inserts for shoes/boots
  27. hand and feet warmers (packets)
  28. Beanie Babies (troops overseas give these to local kids)
  29. any other non-perishable food items

Questions can be directed to Tom Heiser at